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Sport Medicine by McDavid


McDavid Inc. designs and markets sports medicine, sports protection, and performance apparel for active people and athletes. We are relentless in our pursuit of preventing injuries and enhancing performance.

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Our story began in 1969 when Dr. Robert F. McDavid created the first widely used protective knee brace for football. After a period of grass-roots growth, the company officially formed in 1980. Today, McDavid products top the recommendation lists of pro athletes, sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers. From our research-backed ankle braces to compression shorts with patented technology, McDavid products address both the broad range and the specific needs of professional – and every day – athletes across a variety of sports.

McDavid also has a global story to tell – from our headquarters in Chicago and our subsidiaries in Japan and Europe, to our growing worldwide distribution. Our goal remains to continue our legacy of leading edge products that inspire confidence and help athletes of every level achieve their potential. 


To be an essential part of every athlete’s training, motivation and success.


At McDavid, we’re convinced that sport can change people. We are certain that fair play and hard work bring integrity to any game.
We know people want to be smart about the way they train, compete and live. We know that substance is cool and never goes out of style. We believe a company can possess a soul. We celebrate athleticism without cynicism. We tend to go for it on fourth down.


Bob McDavid, President & CEO
Terry Fee, Vice President of Operations

Product Categories

SportMed™ – braces, wraps, and other products to help prevent injury and reduce downtime.
Sports Protection – high-tech cushioning where it’s needed most. 
Performance Apparel – compression and recovery wear to protect and support a body in motion.